Sunday, 25 January 2009

Grant success

I am delighted to announce that McMADSAT has been awarded a small grant by the British Science Association, which will help to pay for a little publicity and some of the workshop materials etc for the public. this is a great help as we have to provide the workshops for free, the Glasgow Science Centre does not allow us to charge for activities.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Other maker faires

Get inspiration for whatever you wish to make from the original maker faires in the USA. Check out the links on this page.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Apply NOW to take part

Only a couple of months to go until McMADSAT on 14th March, so now I need to know who is coming to the party. Loads of people have said they are interested and I would like anyone interested to commit to coming along on the day and sharing their skills and showing off what they have made or can make on the day.

Barring major disaster, this is your committment to actually turning up on the day. There is no charge for participating but in return I am expecting an adult attitude to being reliable!!

I dont think there is a way to attach a form to the blog so email me at with the following info:

Contact info: Your name, address, email and mobile number. If you have a website or blog that would be cool too.

What you want to bring: what are the items you want to exhibit - some sample pix would be helpful for publicity and planning purposes so I can be sure of a good range and balance of stuff. Remember this is NOT a selling event. But if you have stuff to sell you can bring flyers to tell people about it.

Skill sharing:
will you be able to make something on the day? Can you offer a workshop to the public? We cannot charge for workshops so if there is a cost, we will have to find funding. Please detail what you will be doing. Bear in mind we are getting grace-and-favour space in the science centre, so we mustnt make a mess, nor can we do anything dangerous (no welding or naked flames i would guess for starters)

Facilities needed:
how big a space do you need? A table top? Floor space area? Indoors or outdoors? Power socket? If you want outdoor space bear in mind that you will need to bring everything you need in the way of power supplies and shelter etc.

We will of course be doing publicity with posters and press releases but you are welcome to do your own too if you wish. I would particularly welcome pictures I can use on the posters to show the public the sort of fun things they can expect to see.

The nice bit:

O'reillys who are the publishers of Make magazine and Craft magazine, the originators of the Maker Faires in the USA are not formally sponsoring us but have sent me a box of free magazines to give away. As each issue sells for about £7 in Borders, this is really pretty good of them. All participants will get a free Make or Craft Magazine (depending on how many participants we have) and the 4 things judged to be "Best in show" will get a Prize too!!