Sunday, 14 December 2008

Officially on the NSEW programme

We are now, after a couple of technical delays, officially in the programme for the UK National Science and Engineering Week:


It seems we will not, after all, be the absolutely first Maker fair in the UK as the University of Newcastle is planning one for the same weekend. Again this is an example of how O'reillys in the USA are not really communicating very quickly as I only found this out by talking to their UK agent recently and there was no hint of this other fair when I openly advertised our intentions at the Make and Instructables websites.

It has proved quite difficult to get the Make magazine folks in the USA to respond to our requests for support. Their parent company, O'Reillys, has an agency in the UK which is being very helpful but they (and we) feel it is important to get explicit agreement for us to use the name Maker Fair/Maker Faire.

However, O'reillys UK will be sending us a box of back copies of Make magazine, which is very kind as they are pretty expensive to by over here. I am proposing to prioritise these to those actively taking part, i.e. those actually showing and telling.